klein agency

KitchenAid Showroom Brussels

2016 - Klein Agency developed a new interior strategy for presenting the Kitchenaid brand in its Brussels' showroom.  The approach is based on creating an open, "loft" like space to break down the division between customer and brand.  In this spirit, Klein Agency designed a two part organization for the space, the "entry" and the "loft".  

A metal mesh wall divides the two spaces, providing a "decompression" space before entering into the main showroom.  Once inside the "loft", warm, industrial materials such as oak and raw steel are used.

Organized around a central kitchen island, the "loft" provides an exhibition space for product demonstrations and cooking clinics.  

A large, custom designed and fabricated modular "clip" shelving system displays the classic Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in all its iterations along the right wall.