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micro-factories : move aside, mr. ford

micro-factories : move aside, mr. ford


Micro-factories: Move aside Mr. Ford  is our debut book, written, edited, photographed and designed by us and published in Belgium by Lannoo publishing company.

We wrote a manifesto, built upon our own experiences from operating a small, agile business. After that we hopped on a plane and travelled to test our assumptions by studying and documenting the workings, hiccups and dreams of 23 amazing individuals around the world - entrepreneurs who redefine their own industries by exploring the boundaries of production and creation. 

Chad Robertson, Sourdough Baker, SF

Stephen Kenn, Furniture Maker, LA

Alma, Restauranteurs, LA

Wouter Strietman, Espresso Maker, Eindhoven, 

Rizon Parein, Graphic Designer, Antwerp, 

Mast Brothers, Chocolate Makers, NY

Piety Surfboard, Surfboard Shaper, Costa Mesa

to name a few...

In our book, a micro-factory is an atelier, a container studio, a re-purposed factory hall, where digital technology drives a new understanding of customization and adaptability, all in the hands of creative entrepreneurs. This is not your grandfather’s bakery, or your grandmother’s steel shop, but a place where creative businesses combine traditional techniques with new technologies, resulting in the emergence of adaptable factories, places where the endless repetition of the assembly line has been eliminated. 

A new breed of creative entrepreneur operates these micro-factories in a global, interconnected economy driven by digital technology. These businesses operate upon an elevated plateau, where technology and tradition weave together to form a remarkably romantic but inimitably commercial enterprise.

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