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2011 - The TRILIP vase series is an investigation and catalogue of organic beauty. Each vessel is distilled from the formal logic of a tulip and an index of functional constraints, such as height, width, performative cavities, perforations, historical vase typologies, etc.  The TRILIP vase series pushes the limitations of traditional wooden vase making beyond the lathe and finds new techniques robust in their abilities to produce controlled variation.

Within the catalogue, a base model is put through a series of physical deformations to generate each subsequent model.  Each vase made is slightly different from the one before and from any after. 

Hundreds of veneer layers form a vase, cut from hardwood and softwood species harvested from Slovenian forests. The layers are tooled using a CAD-based, 80-watt laser cutter, and then assembled by hand in the studio.

Every vase goes through a rigorous process to achieve a hand-worked surface finish.