klein agency

Wine Bar Ghent

2016 - A unique space divided by three floor levels provided the carte blanche for a wine bar and wine shop in Ghent, Belgium.  A former dive bar, the space was left derelect. Klein Agency developed a scheme based on one large, floor to ceiling wine storage shelf to create continuity between all three levels.  The shelf was custom fabricated from fifteen individual elements to combine into one single form of steel and white oak. A simple routed detail allows a clean storage of bottles on the oak baords. 

The space is divided between an entrance room with tasting bar, an upper dinning space, and a lower private tasting lounge.  Each space, though connected by the large wine shelf, has a unique character and ambiance. 

The entrance tasting room is defined by a large, plate steel bar element with an in-laid oak resting counter.  

The dinning space is composed of a combination of seven oak and marble tables.  The tables are accompanied by Klein custom white oak dinning chairs and a custom continuous 9m bench.  Bent tube steel, bench mounted lights hang over each table, providing an intimate, and cozy feeling for dinning.