klein agency

Klein Home Collection 01

Captured between two industrially tooled plates of steel, natural materials are elevated and expressed for their beauty and warmth of touch. Elegant in its profile, the collection utilises a single material dimension for its solid parts, allowing the oak wood to seamlessly fit in line with the geometry of the laser cut plate steel.

Imbued with both a technical precision achieved through translating a digital 3d model into a computer driven laser and the handworked simplicity in its wood and leather manipulation, the Klein Home Collection 01 positions itself delicately between a high tech and handworked aesthetic.

The Klein Home Collection 01 is stripped of complicated, processed materials. It rather finds its simplicity in the beauty of interweaving natural materials and plate steel profiles. 

The collection is an assemblage of parts that come together lastly in the Klein Agency studio of Antwerp, Belgium. Each piece undergoes a final handworked assembly and thorough inspection before leaving the studio for its new owner.